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Welcome to this Online Biblical Research & Instruction for all Members of The Church of His Body – Jesus our Lord whom Endeavor to be a Co-Worker with God as an Ambassador of His son Jesus our Lord

All members of The Church of His Body – Jesus our Lord– which is Cosmopolitan meaning World-Wide – are to be a light of The Faith.

Dark Angel the Prince of Darkness is without mercy in his relentless efforts to discredit our witness and keep the world in his darkness and under his oppression.

Yahweh almighty God the ONE Eternal Spirit and Jesus our Lord love us and desire for us to cast off the works of darkness and put on the Armor of Light Romans 13:12

We can most effectively be a witness and be light when we learn and endeavor to walk in the light of our spiritual birth of holy spirit by the light of the 9 manifestations and 9 fruit of our holy spirit we have by grace.

When we believe God raised Jesus from the dead and confess Jesus is Lord, meaning Lord of the Cosmos, we receive the Baptism of holy spirit made available since the day of Pentecost.

We are obligated as a member of The Church of His Body –Jesus our Lord in our commitment to the Bonds of Fellowship to endeavor to walk in the spirit in our day to day life.

ABOUT the Founder

The beginning of Wordlight Fellowship was when
I read the biography of Billy Graham by John Pollock @ age 15.

While in college in 1969, I heard Scott Ross talk about the gift of holy spirit and how he was delivered from certain death during a drug overdose and then became a Christian.

This split our campus group down the middle – half accepted the light of the gift of holy spirit and the other half – total darkness!

I went on to speak in tongues.  During this time I was influenced by a pastor who after 20 years of service founded a institute to teach people to examine their faith in the light of logic. 

I thought at the time that it was only logical to respect your spiritual birthright.

The problem was I had no idea at the time what that was.  I wanted to know and after speaking in tongues one day God and Jesus revealed themselves.

 This was while I was at the State University @ Albany, NY while studying Liberal Arts.

I came to accept this communication as natural and came to understand The ONE True God of Israel is Yahweh Almighty God the ONE Eternal Spirit
Jesus our Lord said:  God is Spirit. 

It is also written God is Love. 

So I trusted Yahweh Almighty God to be my Father and Jesus to be my Lord and Master. 

Thus was born the Wordlight Research Fellowship

I went on after NY to get a foundation in Biblical Theology 1975 and a Th D in 1979.  When I got my Ph D in Systematic Theology I lay the foundation for Wordlight Fellowship in 1989.

President Bill Clinton was president @ the time and I sent him a one page foundation document. I thought this might open his heart to God and Jesus and heal his marriage.

Then 9/11 happened.  Where were the Prophets of Jesus on 9/10? 

I came out of my shell and wrote President Bush My Declaration of Independence in 2004 and on other matters like marriage which was a hot debate @ the time.

I have established a Net Communication Network to
put forth the light of THE Faith concerning the light of
our Armor of Light and our spiritual birth of holy spirit by baptism of holy spirit revealed to us by the Apostle Paul:

Romans 13:12 & Ephesians Chapter 6

Now I want to reach @ least ONE person like the Apostle Paul had Timothy as a protege.

So I have established

Wordlight Fellowship Ambassadors

for anyone desiring to be a Coworker with God as an ambassador of Jesus our Lord by walking in the spirit

This training is available to YOU @ no monetary charge.

Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship

James R Cathey ThD, PhD

Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975

Ordained by a Prophet of Jesus our Lord in the

presence of many witnesses


Growing Together in the Bonds of Fellowship
Growing Together in the Bonds of Fellowship


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