Creation Movie A Matter of Faith in Theaters 26 SEP 2014#OurUSAandWorldandCosmos
Murder:  The ONE True God of Israel whom is Spirit has given to His servant  Moses Ten Commandments:  The ONE True God of Israel specifically states YOU shall NOT Commit Murder :  Dark Angel is very evil and those whom serve him commit murder :  They are as evil and heartless as Dark Angel – The Prince of Darkness and Jesus our Lord has called him a murderer from the beginning :  Whom do YOU serve??????Growing Together as the ONE Church of His Body - The Light of the WorldWe are ONE – Neither Jew nor Gentile – WE are ONE as The Church of His Body of Jesus our Lord by our baptism by Jesus with spiritual birth of holy spirit – WE are to Walk in the spirit :  The command given by the Apostle PaulThe Dove - A Symbol of OUR Gift of Spiritual Birth of holy spiritThe Dove is a symbol of our spiritual birth of holy spirit

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